Institutions are buying Litecoin (LTC) at a 1,200% price ...

Greg Maxwell used to have intelligent, nuanced opinions about "max blocksize", until he started getting paid by AXA, whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group - the legacy financial elite which Bitcoin aims to disintermediate. Greg always refuses to address this massive conflict of interest. Why?

Two other important threads discussing this strange and disturbing phenomenon:
So nice of nullc to engage /BTC lately - until, that is, someone mentions Blockstream's funders, that is. Suddenly, the topic is dropped like a white hot rock.
Some people will be dogmatically promoting a 1MB limit that 1MB is a magic number rather than today's conservative trade-off. 200,000 - 500,000 transactions per day is a good start, indeed, but I'd certainly like to see Bitcoin doing more in the future - Gregory Maxwell
Here is the old Greg Maxwell:
(1) Greg Maxwell (around 2014? correction: around 2015) saying "we could probably survive 2MB":
"Even a year ago I said I though we could probably survive 2MB" - nullc
(2) Greg Maxwell (in 2013), presenting a lengthy, intelligent, and nuanced opinion the tradeoffs involved in a "max blocksize" for Bitcoin, and concluding that "in a couple years it will be clear that 2mb or 10mb or whatever is totally safe relative to all concerns":
The important point of this is recognizing there is a set of engineering tradeoffs here [when talking about "max blocksize"].
Too big and everyone can transact but the transactions are worthless because no one can validate - basically that gives us what we have with the dollar.
Too small and everyone can validate but the validation is worthless because no one can transact - this is what you have when you try to use real physical gold online or similar.
The definition of too big / too small is a subtle trade-off that depends on a lot of things like the current capability of technology. ...
Anonymization technology [Tor?] lags the already slow bandwidth scaling we see in the broader thinking, and the ability to potentially anonymize all Bitcoin activity is protective against certain failure scenarios.
My general preference is to err[or] towards being more decentralized. There are three reasons for this:
(1) We can build a multitude of systems of different kinds - decentralized and centralized ones - on top of a strongly decent[e]ralized system, but we can't really build something more decentralized on top of something which is less decentralized. The core of Bitcoin sets the maximum amount of decentralization possible in our ecosystem.
(2) Decentralization is what makes what we're doing unique and valuable compared to the alternatives. If decentralization is not very important to you... you'd likely already be much happier with the USD and PayPal.
(3) Regardless of the block size we need to have robust alternatives for transacting in BTC in order to improve privacy, instant confirmation, lower costs for low value transactions, permit very tiny femtopayments, and to (optionally!) better support reversible transactions ... and once we do the global blockchain throughput rate is less of an issue: Instead of a limit of how many transactions can be done it becomes a factor that controls how costly the alternatives are allowed to be at worst, and a factor in how often people need to depend on external (usually less secure) systems ... and also because I think it's easier to fix if you've gone too small and need to increase it, vs gone too large and shut out the general public from the validation process and handed it over to large entities.
All that said, I do [...] worry a bit that in a couple years it will be clear that 2mb or 10mb or whatever is totally safe relative to all concerns - perhaps even mobile devices with Tor could be full nodes with 10mb blocks on the internet of 2023, and by then there may be plenty of transaction volume to keep fees high enough to support security - and maybe some people will be dogmatically promoting a 1MB limit [...] thinking that 1MB is a magic number rather than today's conservative trade-off.
Then, Blockstream was created in late 2014:
Insurance giant AXA (with strong links to the Bilderberg Group representing the world's financial elite) became one of the main investors behind Blockstream:
Blockstream is now controlled by the Bilderberg Group - seriously! AXA Strategic Ventures, co-lead investor for Blockstream's $55 million financing round, is the investment arm of French insurance giant AXA Group - whose CEO Henri de Castries has been chairman of the Bilderberg Group since 2012.
The insurance company with the biggest exposure to the 1.2 quadrillion dollar (ie, 1200 TRILLION dollar) derivatives casino is AXA. Yeah, that AXA, the company whose CEO is head of the Bilderberg Group, and whose "venture capital" arm bought out Bitcoin development by "investing" in Blockstream.
The rest is history:
Mysteriously, the new Greg Maxwell now dogmatically insists on 1 MB blocks - even after months of clear, graphical evidence showing that bigger blocks are urgently needed - and empirical research showing that bigger blocks (up to around 4 MB) are already technically quite feasible:
Cornell Study Recommends 4MB Blocksize for Bitcoin
Actual Data from a serious test with blocks from 0MB - 10MB
Meanwhile Bitcoin development has tragically become dangerously centralized around the tyrannical, economically clueless Greg Maxwell - the person who is most to blame for strangling the network with his newfound stubborn insistence on an artificial 1 MB "max blocksize" limit:
People are starting to realize how toxic Gregory Maxwell is to Bitcoin, saying there are plenty of other coders who could do crypto and networking, and "he drives away more talent than he can attract." Plus, he has a 10-year record of damaging open-source projects, going back to Wikipedia in 2006.
As we also know, Greg becomes very active on these forums during certain critical periods, relentlessly spewing lots of distracting technical stuff, but he is always very careful about two things:
For example, see this devastating comment to Greg from catsfive yesterday - and Greg's non-specific and unconvincing response a day later:
I think it's pretty disingenuous of you to "pretend" you don't know exactly what I'm talking about.
The chairman of Blockstream's biggest investor is also the chairman of the Bilderberg group, itself one of the biggest and most legitimate representatives of the very groups you are currently pretending Bitcoin is here to disintermediate.
I'm not going to insult your intelligence by pretending to explain who these groups are and why they would prefer to see Bitcoin evolve into a settlement layer instead of Satoshi's "P2P cash" system, but, at the very least, I would appreciate it and it would benefit the community as a whole if at least you would stop pretending not to understand the implications of what is being discussed here.
I'm sorry, but it absolutely galls me to watch someone steal this open source project and deliver it - bound and gagged, quite literally - at the feet of the very same rulers who will seek to integrate and extend the power of Bitcoin into their System, a system which, today, it cannot be argued, is the chief source of all the poverty, misery and inequality we see around us today. I'm sorry, but it's beyond the pale.
It is clear to anyone with any business experience whatsoever that Bitcoin Core is controlled by different individuals than those who are presented to the public.
[Austin] Hill, for instance, is a buffoon, and no legitimate tech CEO would take this person seriously or, for that matter, believe for one moment that they are dealing with a legitimate decision-maker.
Furthermore, are you going to continue pretending that you have no opinion on the nature or agenda of AXA Strategic Partners Ventures, Blockstream's largest investors?
Please. With all due respect, you CANNOT seriously expect anyone over the age of 30 to believe you.
A day later, Greg did finally re-appear with a non-specific and unconvincing response - of course, carefully avoiding using words such as "AXA" or "Bilderberg Group" (the owners of Blockstream, who pay his salary):
Huh? I've never heard from any of Blockstream's investors any comment or agenda or ... well, anything about the Bitcoin system.
The contrived conspiracy theory just falls flat on its face.
Well, I guess that settles that, right? Nothing to see here, just move along, everybody.
Seriously, there are a couple of major problems with Greg's anemic denial here:
  • We have no actual proof whether Gregory Maxwell is telling the truth or lying about this possible massive conflict of interest involving his paymasters from the AXA and the Bilderberg Group;
  • Even if he is narrowly telling the truth when he states that "I've never heard from any of Blockstream's investors any comment or agenda or ... well, anything about the bitcoin system" - this is not enough: because the people involved with the AXA and the Bilderberg Group would certainly be smart enough to avoid saying anything directly to Greg - in order to avoid having their "fingerprints" all over the strangling of Bitcoin's on-chain throughput capacity;
  • It is quite possible that the financial elite behind the Bilderberg Group decided to fund a guy like Greg simply because they realized that they could use him as a "useful idiot" - a mouthpiece who happens to advance their agenda of continuing to control the world's legacy financial systems, by strangling Bitcoin's on-chain throughput capacity.
  • Greg is certainly smart enough to understand the implications of the leader of the Bilderberg Group being one of the main owners of his company - and it is simply evasive and unprofessional of him to continually avoid addressing this potential massive conflict of interest head-on.
This could actually be the biggest conflict of interest in the financial world today:
The head of the Bilderberg Group pays the salary of Blockstream CTO Greg Maxwell, who has become the centralized leader of Bitcoin development, and the single person most to blame for strangling the Bitcoin network at artificially tiny 1 MB blocks - a size which he himself years ago admitted would be too small.
There is probably ultimately really nothing that Gregory Maxwell can merely say to convince people that he is not somehow being used by the financial elite behind the Bilderberg Group - especially now when Bitcoin is unnecessarily hitting an artificial 1 MB "blocksize limit" which, more than anyone else, Greg Maxwell is directly to blame for.
Summarizing, the simple facts are:
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Decred Journal — May 2018

Note: New Reddit look may not highlight links. See old look here. A copy is hosted on GitHub for better reading experience. Check it out, contains photo of the month! Also on Medium


dcrd: Significant optimization in signature hash calculation, bloom filters support was removed, 2x faster startup thanks to in-memory full block index, multipeer work advancing, stronger protection against majority hashpower attacks. Additionally, code refactoring and cleanup, code and test infrastructure improvements.
In dcrd and dcrwallet developers have been experimenting with new modular dependency and versioning schemes using vgo. @orthomind is seeking feedback for his work on reproducible builds.
Decrediton: 1.2.1 bugfix release, work on SPV has started, chart additions are in progress. Further simplification of the staking process is in the pipeline (slack).
Politeia: new command line tool to interact with Politeia API, general development is ongoing. Help with testing will soon be welcome: this issue sets out a test plan, join #politeia to follow progress and participate in testing.
dcrdata: work ongoing on improved design, adding more charts and improving Insight API support.
Android: design work advancing.
Decred's own DNS seeder (dcrseeder) was released. It is written in Go and it properly supports service bit filtering, which will allow SPV nodes to find full nodes that support compact filters.
Ticket splitting service by @matheusd entered beta and demonstrated an 11-way split on mainnet. Help with testing is much appreciated, please join #ticket_splitting to participate in splits, but check this doc to learn about the risks. Reddit discussion here.
Trezor support is expected to land in their next firmware update.
Decred is now supported by Riemann, a toolbox from James Prestwich to construct transactions for many UTXO-based chains from human-readable strings.
Atomic swap with Ethereum on testnet was demonstrated at Blockspot Conference LATAM.
Two new faces were added to contributors page.
Dev activity stats for May: 238 active PRs, 195 master commits, 32,831 added and 22,280 deleted lines spread across 8 repositories. Contributions came from 4-10 developers per repository. (chart)


Hashrate: rapid growth from ~4,000 TH/s at the beginning of the month to ~15,000 at the end with new all time high of 17,949. Interesting dynamic in hashrate distribution across mining pools: share went down from 55% to 25% while F2Pool up from 2% to 44%. [Note: as of June 6, the hashrate continues to rise and has already passed 22,000 TH/s]
Staking: 30-day average ticket price is 91.3 DCR (+0.8), stake participation is 46.9% (+0.8%) with 3.68 million DCR locked (+0.15). Min price was 85.56. On May 11 ticket price surged to 96.99, staying elevated for longer than usual after such a pump. Locked DCR peaked at 47.17%. jet_user on reddit suggested that the DCR for these tickets likely came from a miner with significant hashrate.
Nodes: there are 226 public listening and 405 normal nodes per Version distribution: 45% on v1.2.0 (up from 24% last month), 39% on v1.1.2, 15% on v1.1.0 and 1% running outdaded versions.


Obelisk team posted an update. Current hashrate estimate of DCR1 is 1200 GH/s at 500 W and may still change. The chips came back at 40% the speed of the simulated results, it is still unknown why. Batch 1 units may get delayed 1-2 weeks past June 30. See discussions on decred and on siacoin.
@SiaBillionaire estimated that 7940 DCR1 units were sold in Batches 1-5, while Lynmar13 shared his projections of DCR1 profitability (reddit).
A new Chinese miner for pre-order was noticed by our Telegram group. Woodpecker WB2 specs 1.5 TH/s at 1200 W, costs 15,000 CNY (~2,340 USD) and the initial 150 units are expected to ship on Aug 15. (pow8.comtranslated)
Another new miner is iBelink DSM6T: 6 TH/s at 2100 W costing $6,300 ( Shipping starts from June 5. Some concerns and links were posted in these two threads.


A new mining pool is available now: It uses PPLNS model and takes 1% fee.
Another infrastructure addition is, a newly audited stake pool with 0.8% fee. There are a total of 14 stake pools now.
Exchange integrations:
OpenBazaar released an update that allows one to trade cryptocurrencies, including DCR.
@i2Rav from i2trading is now offering two sided OTC market liquidity on DCUSD in #trading channel.
Paytomat, payments solution for point of sale and e-commerce, integrated Decred. (missed in April issue)
CoinPayments, a payment processor supporting Decred, developed an integration with @Shopify that allows connected merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in exchange for goods.


New merchants:
An update from VotoLegal:
michae2xl: Voto Legal: CEO Thiago Rondon of Appcívico, has already been contacted by 800 politicians and negotiations have started with four pre-candidates for the presidency (slack, source tweet)
Blockfolio rolled out Signal Beta with Decred in the list. Users who own or watch a coin will automatically receive updates pushed by project teams. Nice to see this Journal made it to the screenshot!
Placeholder Ventures announced that Decred is their first public investment. Their Investment Thesis is a clear and well researched overview of Decred. Among other great points it noted the less obvious benefit of not doing an ICO:
By choosing not to pre-sell coins to speculators, the financial rewards from Decred’s growth most favor those who work for the network.
Alex Evans, a cryptoeconomics researcher who recently joined Placeholder, posted his 13-page Decred Network Analysis.


@Dustorf published March–April survey results (pdf). It analyzes 166 responses and has lots of interesting data. Just an example:
"I own DECRED because I saw a YouTube video with DECRED Jesus and after seeing it I was sold."
May targeted advertising report released. Reach @timhebel for full version.
PiedPiperCoin hired our advisors.
More creative promos by @jackliv3r: Contributing, Stake Now, The Splitting, Forbidden Exchange, Atomic Swaps.
Reminder: Stakey has his own Twitter account where he tweets about his antics and pours scorn on the holders of expired tickets.
"Autonomy" coin sculpture is available at


BitConf in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Jake Yocom-Piatt presented "Decentralized Central Banking". Note the mini stakey on one of the photos. (articletranslated, photos: 1 2 album)
Wicked Crypto Meetup in Warsaw, Poland. (video, photos: 1 2)
Decred Polska Meetup in Katowice, Poland. First known Decred Cake. (photos: 1 2)
Austin Hispanic Hackers Meetup in Austin, USA.
Consensus 2018 in New York, USA. See videos in the Media section. Select photos: booth, escort, crew, moon boots, giant stakey. Many other photos and mentions were posted on Twitter. One tweet summarized Decred pretty well:
One project that stands out at #Consensus2018 is @decredproject. Not annoying. Real tech. Humble team. #BUIDL is strong with them. (@PallerJohn)
Token Summit in New York, USA. @cburniske and @jmonegro from Placeholder talked "Governance and Cryptoeconomics" and spoke highly of Decred. (twitter coverage: 1 2, video, video (from 32 min))
Campus Party in Bahia, Brazil. João Ferreira aka @girino and Gabriel @Rhama were introducing Decred, talking about governance and teaching to perform atomic swaps. (photos)
Decred was introduced to the delegates from Shanghai's Caohejing Hi-Tech Park, organized by @ybfventures.
Second Decred meetup in Hangzhou, China. (photos)
Madison Blockchain in Madison, USA. "Lots of in-depth questions. The Q&A lasted longer than the presentation!". (photo)
Blockspot Conference Latam in Sao Paulo, Brazil. (photos: 1, 2)
Upcoming events:
There is a community initiative by @vj to organize information related to events in a repository. Jump in #event_planning channel to contribute.


Decred scored B (top 3) in Weiss Ratings and A- (top 8) in Darpal Rating.
Chinese institute is developing another rating system for blockchains. First round included Decred (translated). Upon release Decred ranked 26. For context, Bitcoin ranked 13.

Community Discussions

Community stats: Twitter 39,118 (+742), Reddit 8,167 (+277), Slack 5,658 (+160). Difference is between May 5 and May 31.
Reddit highlights: transparent up/down voting on Politeia, combining LN and atomic swaps, minimum viable superorganism, the controversial debate on Decred contractor model (people wondered about true motives behind the thread), tx size and fees discussion, hard moderation case, impact of ASICs on price, another "Why Decred?" thread with another excellent pitch by solar, fee analysis showing how ticket price algorithm change was controversial with ~100x cut in miner profits, impact of ticket splitting on ticket price, recommendations on promoting Decred, security against double spends and custom voting policies.
@R3VoLuT1OneR posted a preview of a proposal from his company for Decred to offer scholarships for students.
dcrtrader gained a couple of new moderators, weekly automatic threads were reconfigured to monthly and empty threads were removed. Currently most trading talk happens on #trading and some leaks to decred. A separate trading sub offers some advantages: unlimited trading talk, broad range of allowed topics, free speech and transparent moderation, in addition to standard reddit threaded discussion, permanent history and search.
Forum: potential social attacks on Decred.
Slack: the #governance channel created last month has seen many intelligent conversations on topics including: finite attention of decision makers, why stakeholders can make good decisions (opposed to a common narrative than only developers are capable of making good decisions), proposal funding and contractor pre-qualification, Cardano and Dash treasuries, quadratic voting, equality of outcome vs equality of opportunity, and much more.
One particularly important issue being discussed is the growing number of posts arguing that on-chain governance and coin voting is bad. Just a few examples from Twitter: Decred is solving an imagined problem (decent response by @jm_buirski), we convince ourselves that we need governance and ticket price algo vote was not controversial, on-chain governance hurts node operators and it is too early for it, it robs node operators of their role, crypto risks being captured by the wealthy, it is a huge threat to the whole public blockchain space, coin holders should not own the blockchain.
Some responses were posted here and here on Twitter, as well as this article by Noah Pierau.


The month of May has seen Decred earn some much deserved attention in the markets. DCR started the month around 0.009 BTC and finished around 0.0125 with interim high of 0.0165 on Bittrex. In USD terms it started around $81 and finished around $92, temporarily rising to $118. During a period in which most altcoins suffered, Decred has performed well; rising from rank #45 to #30 on Coinmarketcap.
The addition of a much awaited KRW pair on Upbit saw the price briefly double on some exchanges. This pair opens up direct DCR to fiat trading in one of the largest cryptocurrency markets in the world.
An update from @i2Rav:
We have begun trading DCR in large volume daily. The interest around DCR has really started to grow in terms of OTC quote requests. More and more customers are asking about trading it.
Like in previous month, Decred scores high by "% down from ATH" indicator being #2 on onchainfx as of June 6.

Relevant External

David Vorick (@taek) published lots of insights into the world of ASIC manufacturing (reddit). Bitmain replied.
Bitmain released an ASIC for Equihash (archived), an algorithm thought to be somewhat ASIC-resistant 2 years ago.
Three pure PoW coins were attacked this month, one attempting to be ASIC resistant. This shows the importance of Decred's PoS layer that exerts control over miners and allows Decred to welcome ASIC miners for more PoW security without sacrificing sovereignty to them.
Upbit was raided over suspected fraud and put under investigation. Following news reported no illicit activity was found and suggested and raid was premature and damaged trust in local exchanges.
Circle, the new owner of Poloniex, announced a USD-backed stablecoin and Bitmain partnership. The plan is to make USDC available as a primary market on Poloniex. More details in the FAQ.
Poloniex announced lower trading fees.
Bittrex plans to offer USD trading pairs.
@sumiflow made good progress on correcting Decred market cap on several sites:
speaking of market cap, I got it corrected on coingecko, cryptocompare, and worldcoinindex onchainfx, livecoinwatch, and said they would update it about a month ago but haven't yet I messaged today but haven't got a response yet coinmarketcap refused to correct it until they can verify certain funds have moved from dev wallets which is most likely forever unknowable (slack)

About This Issue

Some source links point to Slack messages. Although Slack hides history older than ~5 days, you can read individual messages if you paste the message link into chat with yourself. Digging the full conversation is hard but possible. The history of all channels bridged to Matrix is saved in Matrix. Therefore it is possible to dig history in Matrix if you know the timestamp of the first message. Slack links encode the timestamp: => 1525528370 => 2018-05-05 13:52:50.
Most information from third parties is relayed directly from source after a minimal sanity check. The authors of Decred Journal have no ability to verify all claims. Please beware of scams and do your own research.
Your feedback is precious. You can post on GitHub, comment on Reddit or message us in #writers_room channel.
Credits (Slack names, alphabetical order): bee, Richard-Red, snr01 and solar.
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Erowid, a non-profit drug educational organization, gives a detailed look at how they used Bitcoin as a source of donations since March 2011

I recently sent Erowid a question about their Bitcoin donations (the quoted parts) and I got an extremely detailed reply about their history with Bitcoin donations. Thought I would share.
But first, here is a link for donating with a wide range of crypto-currencies.
I'm a regular user of Erowid and have donated some in the past and just some today:
Thanks! We really appreciate it. Bitcoin is one of the most useful and interesting new payment systems since zero-fee paypal in 1999, which has ended up nothing at all like it started. It's now a very useful email-address-based gateway to the giant international VISA/MC conglomerate. It's a handy system, but that whole transaction skimming conspiracy is a little disturbing, costly, and monopolistic.
I was looking at your address and see that it is only a month old, yet you have been accepting Bitcoin since Mar 2011. In the spirit of openness I'm curious about why you changed addresses and
Many Bitcoin advocates and technologists state that a new address for every transaction is actually the right way to improve privacy and to firewall tracking of payments and transactions. I believe that viewpoint is kind of the opposite of openness, it is based on trying to keep people's transactions more private, despite the entire BTC blockchain database being fully public and exposed.
I spent some time a couple years ago trying to get a server-based wallet set up that would generate a new address for each transaction and it wound up being a lot harder than I could get working reliably. The more unique addresses, the less erowid donors are tied together, thus a little more privacy. We will try again at some point.
Currently, we keep a local bitcoin wallet and backups and rotate the BTC addresses every month or three, depending on a variety of factors.
and how much you received on your previous ones. Also I would like to know if you hold a fraction of Bitcoin or convert all to fiat directly.
At the moment, I can give you a rough outline of how we choose when to sell bitcoins. It different than people who are on the buying end. We have always conceived of BTC as 'micro donations', but some number of people over the years (let's say 30) have asked directly to pay for a membership with BTC instead of other methods. In order for that to make sense as an organization, we need to convert those bitcoins around the time of the donation so that the donation in bitcoin results in the amount near the dollar value that the donor was offering.
So, for a t-shirt that might be a $45 donation. If/when that happens, we transfer the appropriate number of bitcoins out on or near that day to convert BTC into USD. Then we can enter that person's donation into our donation system and the accounting matches up: person gets a $45 membership, we get $45 into our bank account. Accounting is fun! :\
Further, because we are entirely a donation-based non-profit, we are always in the position of trying to have BTC donations be of non-zero USD value to the organization. That means selling them at some point. The question of when to sell them is obviously complicated.
One can view BTC as a deflating currency or an investment or a security or maybe a commodity.
We are generally conservative about them and have mostly sold the BTC we've received within a few months of their donation in order to generate USD for the organization. So, say we got 1 bitcoin 2 years ago when they were worth $30 each. If it wasn't tied directly to getting a sweatshirt or otherwise needed to wind up as a row in our banking records, I would hold onto to the coin and wait for a time when the value of BTC was going upwards and sell that bitcoin for more than it was worth when we received it. But I did not hold onto them for years, since that defeats the purpose of supporting the organization and it locks up the bitcoin trading market if everyone holds and never sells.
However, the goal is always to wind up with money in the bank sooner rather than later, since we run a business.
As far as previous addresses go, I believe that the reasoning behind the privacy concept is NOT to give out previous addresses, though obviously it's a tiny figleaf.
We sold 1 BTC last week when the value hit $500 and another this week when the value hit $600 and will probably sell again if the price continues to rise. If I had a completely configurable trading system, I would likely set a sell order for 1BTC at $675 OR sell 0.5 BTC in 14 days if the price is >= $600. My reality is that I have to make the sales manually, because I don't have a reliable trading site that delivers to my US bank.
The vast majority of total bitcoins we've sold were sold for under $30 a piece. When we opened our first bitcoin address to check out the system, The Faucet gave me 1 BTC just to help get the ball rolling. Obviously such things no longer exist and we're in a period where bitcoins are both volatile AND valuable.
We had one donor give us some bitcoin back in early December and requested we wait to sell it until it hit $1200, but ALSO required that we open a separate account at a bitcoin trading company that took two weeks to complete as the company confirmed our banking information and identity, etc. By the time we'd gotten the new account set up, we were well into the price crash and so we are holding onto that bitcoin for some future price that is closer to what the person donated it at.
On the other hand, we received several BTC last september when they were in the 100-200$ range and we sold all of those at between $800 and $1200 each in late november and early december as the price was running up. That was actually during the fall of MtGox who was our only trade location until October, 2013. I had initiated a sale of two bitcoins in early September and six weeks later, MtGox had not deposited the money in our account and had no estimate for when they would do it. Happily, they credited my account the USD, I bought BTC, and moved them back to an offline wallet.
I'm not sure how to be both transparent AND private, but I can tell you the current address is typical of better months from the last year. We currently get a few hundred dollars a month in BTC, unless we're doing a big fundraising push, in which case we get double or triple that.
With the price increase in the last 14 days, May was a good month.
Happy to answer more questions and chat about how we manage bitcoin, but the main concepts to keep in mind are : trying to limit the exposure of blockchains for privacy reasons, trying to optimize for USD coming into our budget, generally being conservative so we will choose to sell rather than hold bitcoins, and having a rule of never selling all our bitcoins but selling off parts of what we receive over time to reduce risks and exposure.
We currently use coinbase and bitpay, after having gone through 10 or so different BTC->USD systems. What we need is reliable and stable and most of the others have run afoul of the federal money cops in the US and have been shut down or had their banking connection shut down.
I'm always interested in recommendations for other trading / sales sites, but we need one that can deposit into a US bank for it to be useful for erowid center. And we need one that is stable, represents a real business, and is unlikely to poof into a cloud of oily smoke.
I see today we got a .01 and a .05 bitcoin donation to the current address, bringing our total for the last month up to .654 ish, which is great! With the price heading upwards (rather than hovering at $400), that's actually a useful amount of money. Thanks!
Looking at the charts today, it seems like a lot of people decided to start selling as the price hit 650+ and so the price had a small crash today while I wasn't paying attention.
Anyway, hope some of that is useful. Erowid Center's budget (income and expenditures) are all public information, but our list of donors is not and we do what we can to protect the privacy of the people who choose to support our controversial project.
Thanks again for your contribution! Hurray that you didn't have to pay VISA 0.35 + 2% to do it.
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Seen a lot of misinformation on this subreddit, I been following the market real close and here's what I know

Everybody I see misinformation on the front page of this subreddit, it's starting to make us look bad.
Fact 1: Dogecoin has been really popular in the media and on google searches. More popular then litecoin which has 10x the market cap of dogecoin right now. Links:
Google trends for litecoin: - - Or view
Google trends for dogecoin: - - Or view
Fact 2: The number of people mining doge has skyrocketed in the last few days. See We actually overtook litecoin in terms of the number of people mining - this is huge. Everybody mining has capital invested in their mining rigs, and the strength of dogecoin as a currency is related to the number of people mining. The doge difficulty is at 1200 right now, which means everybody mining isn't getting nearly as many doges as they were a few days ago. So everybody mining needs to sell the doge higher to make the same amount of money.
Fact 3: On around Feburary 14th, the doge mining rewards will half. This combined with the difficulty increase will make new coins harder to mine.
Fact 4: The tipping market on reddit is really starting to take off. Litecoin doesn't even have a dedicated bot right now. The psychology of the whole thing is that people love to say tip, 1000 doge, was opposed to 0.05 litecoin or 0.0001 bitcoin. Dogecoin developers really nailed it psychologically with the high number of coins in my opinion.
Fact 5: A lot of people are saying the recent 600% gains are not sustainable. I'm not saying they are or not but here is the last 6 months of litecoin pricing data: . You can see it was pretty flat around $3, and then in November (only 2 months ago!) it spiked 1000% from $3 to $30. There were a few dips but it mostly held out and it's worth around $25 right now. Just wanted to point out that cryptocurrencies have made huge gains before and nobody knows what dogecoin will do. There are people saying that this is a bubble guaranteed to pop, but they are just making a huge guess.
Myth: wolong (in my opinion anyway)
With all these facts there are many reason for the dogecoin market to keep going up. I for one am holding my doges.
EDIT: Such wow so upvote. Number the facts in case anyone has any specific comments about them. And spelling.
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Krugman and Bitcoin and Me: Radical Thoughts on Fixed Supply Currency

My dad asked me how I reconciled Bitcoin's fixed supply with the Keynesian model of supply. I understand that most people around here don't hold much stock in what Paul Krugman has to say. But much of the real world actually does, what with his Nobel prize and all. So I put some serious consideration into what he had to say about deflation, how it relates to Bitcoin, and other vague currency questions. What follows is my email back to my pa. Many of these ideas have come from my time spent in this forum, so feel free to chop it up, edit, and distribute away if you find any of it worthwhile.
Thoughts from a liberal after reading Paul Krugman's 2010 NYT piece: Why is Deflation Bad?
Krugman and Bitcoin and Me
Krugman's argument against deflation is built with a dependency: that there is a central authority which controls the money supply. So in a sense he has two core points.
(1) Krugman prefers that a centralized authority control the currency supply in order to manipulate the economy.
I'll allow that this tool can be a good, stabilizing force. But if that's the case, I want to be able to vet that institution from the bottom up before handing them the keys to the kingdom. And I want that institution to unequivocally work for society, not for Goldman Sachs. If I thought the current system worked well, I wouldn't be exploring other options in the first place.
(2) Krugman prefers that that centralized authority manipulate the economy such that it encourages spending and lending. In other words, manipulate toward small inflation.
This could be a good thing. And maybe the economy it creates is more fluid than a deflationary one. But when you bake into the system incentives to spend now and borrow from the future now, you get exactly the problems that you'd expect: over-consumption and a society largely ridden in debt.
Control of the supply of the currency carries tremendous power. It can be used to smooth natural economic cycles and encourage specific consumer and producer behavior. This supply-manipulative ability is not in and of itself a bad thing. The question is whether it is necessary- because with Bitcoin (as it stands) it is impossible. Within the theoretical bounds of crypto-currency, the abilities for algorithmic, "smart" money-supply, one that rests on mathematics rather than the banking elite, are endless. There are truly exciting developments to come in this space.
A First Consideration on Currency
Think, for a moment, of the unit of currency as sort of a creditor's note. It is an IOU from society; a placeholder for some unit of production. It says, "I produced something valuable (for someone else who takes part in this system). In return I got this note. I have reasonable assurance that one day I can cash this IOU in for something that I'll need in the future."
The unit of currency acts as a placeholder for its owner. Under this system, people trade their current productivity for the placeholder, and later (given the system still has integrity) they can trade that placeholder for something that raises their standard of living. It allows us to "time-shift" our production with respect to our consumption.
But don't forget!: A unit of currency as "just a thing". It only carries value if it is actually valued by somebody else you want to do business with. The dollar, the gold bar, the Bitcoin. the Euro, all work the same way: they are nothing but numbers or paper or metal. They are just atoms arranged in a way that make them valuable to a group of people only because they trust in the future of their common system.
Currencies are a subset of commodities. Commodities are things (oil, clothing, food, televisions) that are valuable to humans because they have useful properties. Like we said above, a currency's use is to "time-shift" production and consumption. The properties of the object that afford this advantage are usually a combination of irreproducibility, fungibility, scarcity, ease of transport, and securability.
Why is Deflation Bad?
In his 2010 NYT piece, Krugman argues that deflation hurts the economy due to three factors:
(1) People become less willing to spend, because sitting on money becomes an investment. Your dollar tomorrow will buy you more than what it can today, so why spend today? Therefore, spending goes down.
(2) Those in debt get into serious trouble awfully quickly, because the nominal amount-owed appreciates in value. As a result, they spend significantly less. At the same time, creditors have been shown to not spend enough such that it make up for this difference. Therefore, borrowing (and spending) goes down.
(3) Psychologically, people hate nominal wage decreases. With a fixed supply currency, year over year, wages will have to decrease in name. Even if the value of your wage rises, the amount written on the paycheck is lower. Therefore, people freak out.
These are troubling scenarios, though I think the first two are more substantial than the third. I don't mean to underestimate the psychological factor- in economics psychology is everything- but we'll talk about this later.
Krugman presents the first two points as bugs in a deflationary system. I see them as features.
"Your dollar will buy you more tomorrow than what it can today."
I think this is natural. We are a rapidly advancing species; through technology we are becoming more efficient, automating crappy tasks, raising the standard of living for less work, of course a dollar (that placeholder for your unit of production) is going to go further tomorrow than it does today.
Personally, I find this appealing. It provides every incentive to work now and spend later. That falls very much in line with good ol' American hard-working values and non-consumptive ethics.
Krugman finds this worrying though. If people have less incentive to spend, their is a crisis in demand. Hello liberals?! When was the last time we complained about lower consumption? In a country wracked with hyper-consumption that has put an unprecedented load on Earth's environment and ignited a climate crisis, I see a drop in demand as a breath of fresh air! Furthermore, you don't have to worry about people never spending. People will always spend now- but only on the want/need products, rather than the maybe-want-need-this-now-really-might-as-well-because-my-currency-is-losing-value-and-all-these-things-meet-my-zillion-useless-ephemeral-wants products.
I do believe there are much higher economic principles at work here. The United States is the world's default consumer. The global economy needs us to consume as much as it needs the million child laborers to produce. The economy would come crashing down if we stopped consuming immediately. But if we're trying to aim for a more sustainable economy, one that is compatible with the Earth's environment, let's move slowly and use a deflating currency as an incentive!
"Deflation rewards creditors and hurts debtors. Debtors spend less and creditors don't spend more enough to offset."
The impassive Krugman is beating around the bush. There is a problem when debtors suffer at the expense of creditors, and it's more than just a net loss in consumer spending. If you're concerned about a reduction in spending, see my previous point. But the remaining ethical problem is glaring- a power imbalance already exists in a creditor-debtor relationship, and it seems that deflation only widens this gap, crucifying the debt class on a cross of deflationary coin.
There's no doubt that this is a problem. And wealth redistribution may ultimately be easier with an inflationary currency- again, a word on that later. But there is also an incentive here: borrow less. Credit card debt is at an all-time high, up 1200% in the US since 1980, all while student loans have ballooned out of control. But neither of these problems even compares to the $7.8 trillion of mortgage debt our country has dug itself into.
Now debt is not a bad thing. The right combination of debt and saving, that is- using both capital previously earned with capital borrowed from future earnings- indicates a healthy economy. I don't want to have to work my entire life only to afford a house at the very end. I want to be able to borrow from my future economic output, buy the house now, and live in it while I work to pay it off. The same goes for student debt, corporate debt-financing, etc. Access to credit is crucial to a healthy middle class.
But ever-increasing debt is not sustainable. Nobody lives- and produces- forever, so you cannot always borrow from your future economic output. In the end, regardless of the money tricks you play, you have to produce enough value to cover your consumption. The world recently found out, in a mild manor, what happens when a currency's incentive and a nation's culture favors borrowing. When given the opportunity to build houses they never could have dreamed of paying off in their lifetime, millions of people took the offer and the biggest lenders took the risk. The echoes of their mass default still burden the global economy 6+ years later.
The point is, if Krugman says "inflation promotes borrowing", I say, "is this debt-ridden wreck what we really want our economy to look like?"
"People would freak out when their paycheck goes down."
I say get over it. Other possible proclamations in a deflationary world:
Better yet, this reflects reality! Technology makes everything cheaper every day. You should be paying lower phone bills tomorrow. Has the infrastructure gotten less efficient?
Here it feels like Krugman's grasping for straws. He pounces on people's reaction to their one source of income rather than their many expenses. This point also invokes that ugly liberal side: "The people don't know what's best for them."
The Central Authority as a Tool for Wealth Redistribution
Now we're talking. As a Liberal, I consider this to be a most important necessary evil. But let's call it what it is: stealing from the rich to give to the poor. (Unless we reject the modern notion of property- stay tuned...)
In an inflationary economy, value is constantly leaching out of everyone's savings. Those who control the monetary supply have a means of reaching into every dollar, and skimming off a little bit of value. We can choose to do a lot of good with this. Right now the skimmed dollars are "lent" to banks- the theory is that they then have more to lend to the general public and everyone benefits. Lending is good right? It introduces liquidity. But continue this cycle ad infinitum and all the spending in the economy starts in the form of bank debt! It is no coincidence that Americans households are more in debt than ever before.
If wealth redistribution is the only benefit of a central supply authority (which can fall out of trust at any time), this is a weak foundation. We already have a mechanism for wealth redistribution: taxation. Let's be proud of it, call a duck a duck, raise taxes on the wealthy, and introduce that liquidity with massive infrastructural programs, education spending, science spending, etc, rather than in the form of bank loans.
One last point- inflation appears to be a flat tax. That's already bad. It affects every dollar proportionally, rich or poor. Worse, the middle class and poor have a higher percentage of their net worth in USD- so inflation then becomes a regressive tax... given to banks... to be lent out to again to the middle class. All in the name of wealth redistribution?! In the name of kick-starting the economy?! Something's fishy here, and "you wouldn't understand, it's more complicated" doesn't cut it as an answer for these practices.
So. What are we even doing here?
In 2009 a great mind developed a tool, the first in the history of human civilization, for "minting" a currency according to a fixed and open sourced algorithm. Without the involvement of any third party, you can now send an irreproducible digital object of fixed supply to anyone with an internet connection. The implications are mind-boggling. But the first such currency, Bitcoin, happened to be fixed-supply and ultimately deflationary, which has re-sparked the deflation vs. inflation debate.
This is happenstance. The protocol that gives rise to these digital currencies- the bitcoin protocol (small b)- could easily implement a different supply model. Paul Krugman can start a currency, KrugCoin, with any supply model that he likes! Which begs one last question.
Let's say I'm presented with an option: I may collect my paycheck in a currency that deflates- that is, my paycheck will gain value over time. Or I may collect my paycheck in a currency that inflates- it loses value over time. Why would anyone choose the latter? Must a population be forced into using an inflationary currency? Are we?
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[WTS] Dayun Zig Z1, 200+

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[FOR SALE] Firearms, Optics, Gun Parts, and Accessories.

Handgun Section
Smith and Wesson Model 27 (no dash) 4-Screw. Price: $1500 USD,
More photos here.
Smith and Wesson U.S. Government Model 1917 WWI production, 5-digit SN. Price: $1750 USD,
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Rifle Section
Harrington and Richardson M12 Military .22 Training Rifle. This is a CMP rifle, I'm pretty sure I have the certificate if you want it. Price: $SPF
More photos here.
Remington 700 Short Action Receiver Assembly. New, never assembled. Includes a complete bolt assembly, trigger assembly, magazine, and bottom metal. Price: $SPF
More photos here.
Remington 1903a3 Sporter, .30-06, includes a Leupold VxII 1.25-4x25mm scope. The pictures don't do it justice, it's a beautiful rifle in person, and light weight. Price: $450 USD,
More photos here.
Remington Model 30-S Express .30-06 This is a pretty cool rifle for the Remington History buffs. Based on the U.S. Model 1917 "American Enfield" (aka Eddystone) The Scope is clear and bright, but it's missing the reticle (I can't see it, anyway.) Price: $950 USD,
More photos here.
Shotgun Section
Remington Model 11 (Humpback Browning Auto 5) New bushing and spring. Very comfortable clays gun. Price: $500 USD,
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Simson Suhl German (GDR) Side by Side 20 gauge. I'll let the photos do the talking. Price: $1200 USD,
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Trijicon ACOG Reflex NSN-1240-01-435-1916 Price: $300 USD,
More photos here.
Gun Parts
M14 (M1A) USGI Buttplate kits 5 of the steel shoulder rests have been reparkerized, the rest are of original finish. All the buttplates (Aluminum pieces) need refinishing. There are enough small parts to complete at least 8 assemblies, (just missing a few ball bearings.) I'd rather sell the whole lot all at once. Price: $200 USD,
More photos here.
M1 Garand OpRod SA-9 (Springfield Armory U.S. Arsenal) Curved Side, Uncut. Price: $150 USD,
More photos here.
M1 Garand OpRod HRA (Harrington and Richardson) Price: $120 USD,
More photos here.
Springfield Armory 1903 Bolt Assembly Price: $120 USD,
More photos here.
1903 Parts All parts in photo are included Price: $75 USD,
More photos here.
Ruger New Vaquero Rose Wood grips, no screw. Price: $30 USD,
More photos here.
McMillan GAP Camo A3-5 Full Adjustable stock Cut for a Surgeon 581, but will work for any standard length Remington 700 or compatible. Bottom metal relief is cut for a Surgeon or Badger Ord. Flush cup sling swivel mounts installed. Price: $750 USD,
More photos here.
McMillan Forest Camo A3 stock Cut for a short action Remington 700 with standard bottom metal. Price: $500 USD,
More photos here.
M1 Garand Grenade Launcher Sights Still wrapped in the original paper, includes instructions and carry bag. Price: $15 USD,
M1917 Parts Sight ladder, stacking swivel, rear swivel, front sight block, stock ferrule and buttplate. Price: $25 USD,
M14 (M1A) USGI Buttplate assembly. Needs refinishing Price: $30 USD,
AK-47 Slings Unknown origin, 3 available Price for each: $5 USD,
FAL Flask Cleaning Kit New, never used. Price: $20 USD,
AR-15 Stand-Alone Rear Sight Assembly I Mill-cut a carry handle to make this, needs finishing. Price: $20 USD,
AK-47/SKS Front Sight Adjustment Tool Price: $5 USD,
FAL Bayonet Price: $15 USD,
More photos here.
SIG P Series Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool Price: $75 USD,
More photos here.
Springfield Armory Inc XD Series Pistol Sight Adjustment Tool Price: $75 USD,
More photos here.
Brownell's Bolt Forge Kit. I'm including a set of aluminum heat-sinks, handy for welding. Price: $50 USD,
More photos here.
Miscellaneous Accessories
Custom, handmade Cowboy holster for a Ruger Single Six. - No manufacturer markings, I got it from an coworker about 10 years ago. He said he had it made for his wife by guy in Oregon. I lost track of the coworker, and I don't remember the name of the guy who made it. It's made for a smaller person: I have a 36" waist and the belt buckles at the second to last notch for me. Price: $50 USD,
More photos here.
Terms of Sale
Shipping to USA only! Firearms must ship to a Federally licensed dealer (or collector if applicable.) Buyer to pay shipping and insurance fees. Buyer to pay escrow fees.
Payment options in order of my preference: Bitcoin (will provide signed invoice, buyer to pay escrow fees) Chase Money Order USPS Money Order PayPal G&S (plus 3.5%, no F&F)
All sales are final.
Mauser P08 Luger Black Widow, made in Obendorf (BYF code) in 1941. Included with the pistol is an original Luger holster, the take-down assist tool, and three magazines (none with numbers matching the gun.)
LRB M14 Muzzle device/Faux flash suppressor with Bayonet lug
Harris 1A2 Ultra Light Bipod,
Springfield Armory Inc SOCOM 16 Muzzle Break/Gas Cylinder Lock/Front Sight Includes Trijicon XS Tritium Sight.
FAL Pistol Grip Cleaning Kit, New, never used.
Ontario KC SPECOPS SP1-95
Smith & Wesson K Frame grips, no screw.
Smith & Wesson K Frame grips, include screw.
1911 Wrap-around rubber grip
1911 Target Right Handed grip set
Chinese M14 (M1A) parts All parts in the photo are included.
Smith & Wesson K Frame round butt grips, includes screw.
Mossberg .308 10-Round Magazine DPMS AR308 Pattern
1911 Beavertail Grip Safety Will not fit unmodified Colts, for a bobbed rear frame spur.
FAL Dust Covers One has been reparkerized, the other looks to have the original painted finish.
BitcoinTalk Link to Contact
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Bitcoin 2017 a Comprehensive Timeline

Some of the most notable news and events over the past year:
Jan 3:
Jan 10:
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Feb 8:
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May 31:
Jun 2:
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Jun 29 - Jul 1:
Jun 30:
Jul 12:
Jul 16:
Jul 17:
Jul 22:
Jul 23:
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Jul 25:
Jul 27:
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Jul 31:
Aug 1:
Aug 2:
Aug 3:
Aug 10:
Aug 12:
Aug 15:
Aug 17:
Aug 21:
Aug 22:
Aug 24:
Aug 25:
Aug 28:
Aug 29:
Aug 30:
Aug 31:
Sep 1:
Sep 2:
Sep 3:
Sep 4:
Sep 5:
Sep 6:
Sep 7:
Sep 8:
Sep 9:
Sep 10:
Sep 12:
Sep 13:
Sep 14:
Sep 15:
Sep 17:
Sep 19:
Sep 20:
Sep 21:
Sep 23:
Sep 24:
Sep 25:
Sep 26:
Sep 27:
Sep 28:
Sep 29:
Sep 30:
Oct 4:
Oct 7:
Oct 9:
Oct 10:
Oct 11:
Oct 12:
Oct 13:
Oct 14:
Oct 16:
Oct 27:
Oct 30:
Nov 1:
Nov 2:
Nov 3:
Nov 4:
Nov 7:
Nov 8:
Nov 9:
Nov 10:
Nov 12:
Nov 13:
Nov 20:
Nov 21:
Nov 27:
Nov 28:
Dec 2:
Dec 5:
Dec 6
Dec 7
Dec 9
Dec 10
Dec 11
Dec 12
Dec 13
Dec 14
Dec 15
Dec 16
Dec 17
Dec 19
Dec 20
Dec 21
Dec 22
Dec 23
Dec 25
Dec 27
Dec 29
Dec 30
Dec 31
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Hey everyone,
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[For Hire] Web development, hosting, and maintenance bundle.

Hey everyone,
I'm offering a bundle deal for website build and maintenance again. This is a great deal if you're looking to start up a web site for your business for the new year. I'll be able to help you out and get you all sorted.
I'm lowering my price by $1200 for this bundle for the next couple of months in hopes to pickup more clients.
In short for for $5,000 $3,800 USD you'll get:
1 year of the following:
Bitcoin, or any major CC accepted for payment. Please note I do require 10% for down payment before I start to code, however quotes are always free.
About Me
  • Business Finance and IT Grad
  • Full time Freelancer
  • 34 Year old Canadian - Eastern time zone
  • Knowledge of WordPress, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, Ubuntu.
Communication is an important component of any project and that’s why I’ll make sure to keep you up to date on every step of your project.
My reviews
"Before working with Mike, we sold motorcycle parts strictly through social media and forums. Since opening our website, Absolute Motorcycle Parts, we have seen steady orders from several countries all over the world. Mike's website design and SEO have brought us to Google's front page for many of the motorcycle parts that we sell. Mike is very professional and we highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a web presence in the eCommerce space."
"Mike is really focused on the customers complete satisfaction. When he worked with me, he went the extra mile to ensure everything was perfect, He really is one of those rare people who ticks all boxes for great quality, good service for a reasonable price."
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A List of Coins People Find Suspicious | January Edition, 2014

Scamcoin/Shitcoin/Clonecoin/LameCoin's Game Plan review: 1) 2-3 months of pump and dump plan 2) fork litecoin/peerCoin/quarkcoin/bitcoin/nxt , copy-n-paste the codes or using coin generator 3) hype train 4) list on exchanges (not for adoptions but for dumping) 5) pump up the value using tiny amount and dump massive amount at the top 6) the coin became abandon coin, and those hold the coins became bagholders 7) dev(s) changed name, and the project, move on, rinse and repeat
Also, I wrote the scamcoins' signs a while ago, check out
To see a taste of of the upcoming cesspools, check out . Maybe you should screen-capture it to see what's coming out the other end. For backup purpose, here is the pastebin list for these shit/scamcoins
Yes, there is a coin generator now. All readied for pump and dump.
For reference of new shitcoins/scamcoins/clonecoins, check out
Coinye , also don't forget the sticky gem
Lights- IPO of IPO, 7th gen
Neon- more IPO shit
DubstepCoin - relaunch
TopCoin - IPO shit
VeroCoin: next-gen "forging" and more IPO shit
webcoin: emptied talk and IPO shit
NutCoin: a sample quote "Nutcoin is not a copycoin, it was designed to have a real value based on the "real world" necessity to buy goods, services, food, coffee or nuts, hence the name."
KaiserCoin : It's our friend Max up to his no-good. Where's his buddy Bill? I thought they are not done with the Pump and Dump Quarkcoin.
NOXXO: already in its 9-generation. dude gonna do parallel programming for mining octa-core on Samsung Note. /sarcasm
ShareCoin : IPO shit
Atom: So much pre-mined it's not even funny
KarpCoin: they are running out of meme/animal/celebs and now it's pokemon
ShoeCoin: nothing to see.
RiceCoin: quote "the first commodity backed coin" uh huh.
GiftCoin: quote "We are going to launch a brand new coin unique to any other. " no, just no. admit that it's just plain Scrypt, don't cover it with lies. what i hate some coins the most is that they try to spin bullshit on plain Scrypt. also, ANY damn coin can be printed on a card using QR code to conver the public address.
LottoCoin -pump and dump
Fckbankscoin - aside from the douchy tittle, claimed to be the "word's first and only protest coin". failed
CuntCoin: death on arrival. Using Coingen.
CryptoStuds: instamine
LeproCoin huge premine.
Klondike Coin
Mr.T Coin more shitty idea coingen
BitLand Lot of shits no actual codes. Asking for BTC
LiveCoin Coigen shit.
TEXT more IPO shit for next-generation . Seemed like all next-generation coins are e-begging.
BiddleBabbleBoo Coin
** One Coin**
To be updated.
December 2013 Edition
1) Africoin discussion: assessment:
2) Quarkcoin discussion: /quarkcoin
Reason: 98% or more already mined or pre-mined. 245,673,985 already in circulation since July 21, 2013 based on Great for pump and dump. On bitcointalk's release page discussion: "Total of 247 million QRK will be mined in ~ 6 months, after that ~ 1 million QRK p.a. (~ 0.5% p.a inflation)"
Auditing reveals:30.26% of all Quarks owned by 27 wallets. Source:
Regarding Quarkcoin's development team:
3) Novacoin discussion:
Reason: pre-mined /novacoin
Total shares: 504,839 NVC, price at $21.48 a share ! . Rumors has it the creators mined most of the coin and hold about 90% shares.
From here, check out this line "There have been claims that over 200.000 coins were premined by the developer. The developer has claimed that only 60.000 coins have been premined but apparently BTC-e admitted that they got 100.000 coins to accept this currency on their exchange"
4) Ripple /ripplers
Reasons: tokens/money without mining, centralized system. It goes against the ideas of most crypto currencies stood for.
5) Megacoin /megacoin 28% or more than 1/4 of total current shares are pre-mined Discussion :
7) Orbitcoin
8) LotteryTickets
9) Mastercoin pre-sale period of 5,120.6 BTC. blockhain address /mastercoin (discussion: )
10) HobboNickels
11)Infinitecoin /infinitecoin
13)Q-coin : proposal phase
14)LightCoin : LiteCoin clone. Vague to-do list.
15) ScamCoin: no website, no launch day ready. Emptied promises.
16) Nxt Coin , also
17) SexCoin: pumped up 1200% on debut on coinmarketcap and then being dumped
18) FlorinCoin: pumped and dump
19) BitBar
20)YaCoin: /yacoin extreme low difficulty for instamine, disproportionate coins holding of 35% total coins are held by 20 wallets
21)EarthCoin pre-mined 270 million coins. discussion
22) Colossus Coin
23) StableCoin -- the coin that is unstable. Premining history. Dev disappeared a few months, promised mixing service, and while waiting for the update, larger holders dumped and flooded the market and tanked the price.
24)GoldCoin: pre-mining history. Got hardforked
25) CatCoin: one meme too many. broken launch. vanilla litecoin clone
26) InternetPeso: this is not even a coin, just QR code branded as tangible currency with user-generated value.
27)eMunnie: next generation scam has arrived
28)DimeCoin: pre-mined 8% of 460 billion coins Release page:;all
29) MoonCoin : pre-mining accusation. total circulation 384.4 billions, on release page denied premined but states "MoonCoin is a premined SCAM with over 500+ blocks premined since the start. Im sorry but this pool isnt going to mine it. The first block of mooncoin is at 1388427134 ( Mon, 30 Dec 2013 18:12:14 GMT ) , 30 minutes earlier than anyone got access to source and / or wallet."
30) VisaCoin: Barring legal threat from the real Visa company, It is pre-sale nearly 80BTC with outlandish claims and nonexistence source codes.
31) Ripple
32) Mastercoin
Edit: Got shills downvoted. It is still a sticky topic. Downvoting it is pointless.
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The Bitcoin Phony Rally of November 2013 has distorted the price for all of 2014. Here's how:

(1) Someone apparently infiltrated a leading but unsecure exchange by using a virus/bot that created fraudulent data in MySQL and PHP so that they could pretend to have, say, over a hundred million dollars in fake fiat.
(2) They used this fake hundred million dollars to buy real bitcoins - spending, say, around 2 and half million fake dollars every few days, in over 40 buying sprees, to eventually scoop up around 270,000 real bitcoins over the course of a month.
(Note: As most traders know, buying a lot all at once like this usually isn't smart - because it causes a lot of "slippage" - ie, everyone sees the buyer starting to buy, and so the price rises before the buyer is finished buying. But in this case, since the "dollars" being spent are fake anyways, the buyer doesn't care if they make the price rise due to "slippage". The dollars they're spending didn't come from their bank account, because with a few keystrokes, some knowledge of PHP and MySQL - and access to the servers in Tokyo hosting this unsecure exchange - they were able to "magically" invent over a hundred million fake dollars out of thin air. They don't even have to suffer the privacy invasions and indignity of KYC/AML either.)
(3) Speculators around the world (especially the Chinese, who are said to enjoy speculating) got fooled by this phony price rise, making them think a major rally was underway. When they saw all this fake fiat being spent, they jumped on the bandwagon and spent their real fiat due to FOMO (fear of missing out).
This made the so-called "price" on this unsecure exchange go sharply upward by a factor of 12x in just one month: from USD 100 to USD 1,200 in November 2013.
Actually (due to the "no-arbitrage" principle of economics) the price went up around 12x on all markets around the world (including over-the-counter - OTC - and - LBC) because everyone (including the media) had fallen into the habit of using that leading but unsecure exchange (now secretly hosting a virus/bot) as their main pricing reference.
(4) Now the fake buyer disappears with 270,000 BTC, bought using fake fiat. The market peaks and eventually does a "mean reversion" (dropping from USD 1200 back down its more typical trend-line around USD 300). And the unsecure exchange which they infiltrated eventually declares bankruptcy and goes out of business due to fraud / incompetence / malfeasance.
(5) Now instead of everyone being excited and saying "Great, bitcoin went up 300% from USD 100 to USD 300 in just one year! Best investment of 2014!!" ...
Instead, everyone's depressed and saying "Damn, bitcoin went down 75% from USD 1,200 to USD 300 in one year! Worst investment of 2014!!"
Plus, a lot of people will be scared away by "volatility".

OK, we have no hard evidence that anything like the above scenario actually did take place in November 2013. But we do at least have circumstantial evidence of the existence of such a virus/bot (called Willy Bot) on Mt Gox:
So, what can we learn from this?
People need to realize that all the "good" news of 2014 regarding infrastructure and momentum (VCs, vendor acceptance, consumer awareness, remittance - plus the ongoing stability of the Bitcoin network itself, for over 5 years now) has been overshadowed by one very major piece of bad news:
We apparently let a virus/bot create an exciting but fake one-month 12x price spike of USD 100 to USD 1200 in November 2013... And now after that virus/bot has gone away, we're seeing a long and painful one-year 75% price drop from USD 1200 to USD 300 during 2014.
Maybe people need to reject the possibly fraudulent fantasy that the price ever legitimately was USD 1200. Maybe the price never "really" was USD 1200. Maybe we just need to get over that fantasy.
Why do we continue to base the "narrative", the "story" of bitcoin's price on this USD 1200 figure from a shady exchange which collapsed in scandal? - How do we know that "price" of USD 1200 wasn't just a figure of our collective imagination?
People did hand over 270,000 Bitcoins - that we do know for a fact.
But did they ever get USD 112 million in return?
(Ask the people who got screwed over by Mt Gox. Remember how Mt Gox was famous in 2013 because you couldn't get your fiat out. Hmm... wonder why that was? Could it be... that the fiat you "had" was actually from the Willy Bot - so that fiat never existed?? Sounds pretty plausible.)
Glass half-full or half-empty?
It's quite possible a virus/bot created the illusion that the price went from USD 100 to USD 1200 in one month. (And we do know that many people who tried to ride this wave upwards got screwed later when it crashed.)
Imagine if people had instead seen the price of bitcoin simply go up slowly but surely from USD 100 to USD 300 over the last 12 or 13 months.
I bet a lot more Russians would be trying to move their devaluing rubles into bitcoin right now... if we were at 300 USD, up from 100 USD last year, instead of being at 300 USD, down from 1200 USD last year. The Willy Bot makes all the difference between saying "Bitcoin worse than Ruble in 2014" versus "Bitcoin better than Ruble in 2014". It all depends whether you think Bitcoin started from USD 100 - or from USD 1200 - around November and December of last year.
So if this Mt Gox Willy Bot did indeed exist, then it seems like it has seriously injured the image of Bitcoin - and people's preference for it as an investment.
It's going to take time - and honesty and education - to put this damaging delusion of the Bitcoin Phony Rally of November 2013 behind us.
TL;DR - Someone apparently infected a major exchange with an "infinite fiat" virus to artificially pump the price up from USD 100 to USD 1200 in one month around November 2013. And then the price went back down from 1200 USD to USD 300 over the next year.
Result: Instead of saying "the price went up 3x in 2014" (from USD 100 to USD 300) everyone has ben saying "the price went down 4x [ie, down 75%] in 2014" (from USD 1200 to USD 300).
It's all relative. If you want a little more realism, maybe it's best to zoom out on the price chart - and ignore the Bitcoin Phony Rally of November 2013 - and focus on the steady rise from 100 to 300 USD, minus that totally fake-looking short-lived 12x blip.
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A Free Legit Bitcoin Cloud Mining Website In 2020 - YouTube

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