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NEW TOKENS LISTED: April 3rd, 2018

Rock Token $RKT by
The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) aims to be a world-leading institutional-grade token sale platform and cryptocurrency exchange coupled with a comprehensive listing process, AML/KYC best practices and public consensus within a governed environment. The Rock Token (RKT) is an ERC-20 compliant utility token for use within the GBX/GSX ecosystem. Its primary use will be as a preferred medium of exchange. It will also be used to pay for fees within the full-service ecosystem, used for sponsoissuer staking, and early access and possible discounts for future token sales on the platform. Please refer to part G of the Whitepaper for more detailed description.!/trade/RKT-ETH
TORQ Coin Token $TORQ by
TORQ provides solution in mining industry. Currently there is no direct way of transforming crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum etc to any physical assets. TORQ is building innovation in mining industry which will help users to transform their digital assets to physical assets, which will have more demand and increasing market value.!/trade/TORQ-ETH
DigitexFutures Token $DGTX by
Digitex is a commission-free futures exchange with its own native cryptocurrency, the DGTX token. Traders speculate on the price of Bitcoin against the US dollar, but their trading profits and losses are paid out in DGTX tokens. This means that traders need DGTX tokens to enter a trade, and this creates demand for DGTX tokens from traders. Digitex covers the cost of running the exchange by creating a small number of new tokens each year instead of charging transaction fees on trades. Commission-free futures markets on a stable, fast and secure trading platform will attract large numbers of traders who must buy DGTX tokens to participate, creating increased demand for DGTX tokens that offsets the small inflationary cost of creating new tokens.!/trade/DGTX-ETH
GINNI Token $GNI by
The GINNI (GNI) is a token specialising in Mining and FASTcoin ATM technology!/trade/GNI-ETH
SPFToken $SPF by
SportyCo will provide the sports and investment community a healthy ecosystem with a huge growth potential. SportyCo will enable investors to harness and monetize the athletic potential of up-and-coming stars – who, until now, often didn’t have the means to finance their career.!/trade/SPF-ETH
Satan was impressed with the blockchain technology and decided to make Hell Coin. This is the only currency that will be used in Hell. Do not be overcome by good, but overcome good with evil.!/trade/HELL-ETH
BAX Token $BAX by
BABB will empower the microeconomy, improving lives and livelihoods and creating new opportunities for individuals and businesses across the world.!/trade/BAX-ETH
ZerroXBToken Project 0xbt $ZXBT by
The ZXBT token has an original function. Sending tokens can be accompanied with the message or signature for identification. If desired, the sending of tokens can be used as a messenger.!/trade/ZXBT-ETH
Skraps Token $SKRP by
Invest spare fiat and cryptocurrency change into diversified crypto-related portfolios. Skraps is the first company to offer micro investing to the world of cryptocurrencies. The Skraps platform allows users to round up spare change from everyday fiat and cryptocurrency related purchases and invest the difference into diversified portfolios of cryptocurrencies and crypto assets. Customers can get started in 3 easy steps: Connect your debit/credit card or cryptocurrency wallet, spend like normal, and watch your spare change grow.!/trade/SKRP-ETH
Additionally, 3 tokens were removed:
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Bitcoin Scaling Idea

This is an idea I just had and I thought I'd throw it out to the community for comments.
Why not create a new coin/blockchain (let's call it fastcoin) the value of whose units is automatically exchangeable in both directions at a permanently fixed one to one rate with bitcoin ?
fastcoin would implement policies that unlike bitcoin are optimized for handling a very large number of transactions at the cost of somewhat lower security than bitcoin. For example the average block time might be significantly shorter than 10 minutes. The idea of course would be to use fastcoin for small day to day transactions but only fund it periodically with larger infrequent transactions from bitcoin.
As I see it this would have a number of advantages over current scaling proposals that I'm aware of.
  1. It avoids the controversies over the bitcoin block size since most likely no large changes would be needed to bitcoin itself. We would still want whatever block size increases are in the pipeline but this should allow scaling far beyond what SegWit/2 MB blocks will allow.
  2. It seems to me to be conceptually much simpler for users to understand than Lightning Net and would avoid dependence on any third party gateways (except for the usual node operators and miners we are already familiar with from bitcoin and other similar coins). Wallets could be developed which work simultaneously on both blockchains allowing for a seamless user experience and the idea of having different accounts for day to day expenses and for large savings is already familiar to most people.
  3. It maintains the underlying time-tested security of bitcoin for larger amounts while still supporting very large numbers of small transactions with security guarantees that should be proportional to the amounts in question.
Note that I haven't thought much yet about how this would actually be implemented and I'm not enough of a bitcoin expert to be certain there are no show stoppers but I nonetheless think it's quite likely to be feasible.
EDIT: Some thoughts on a possible implementation.
So here's one way it might be possible to implement this. It requires tighter bitcoin integration/support than I was initially thinking but here goes:
There would be some (not necessarily proper) subset of bitcoin nodes which are enabled to verify transactions on both the bitcoin blockchain and the fastcoin sidechain(thanks jratcliff).
To send coins from bitcoin to fastcoin a wallet would generate a special transaction type that sends the coins to a particular bitcoin address and marks those coins as now belonging to fastcoin. These "marked" coins are not spendable on the bitcoin chain in the usual manner (ie. there's no associated public key that would allow someone to spend the coins). Simultaneously fastcoin coins are created on the sidechain in the same amount using a public key/address specified in the funding transaction.
To send coins in the opposite direction we do essentially the same thing in reverse with a special type of fastcoin transaction. The main difference is in what happens on the bitcoin side. To execute the bitcoin side of such a transaction we need to find a fastcoin address with an amount sufficient to cover the transaction. This could be any fastcoin address. There doesn't need to be any relationship between addresses used to fund fastcoin and to fund bitcoin as along as the amount is covered. Once such an address is found a bitcoin transaction is generated that spends the otherwise unspendable marked coins to a bitcoin address specified by the sender of the fastcoin->bitcoin transaction. Simultaneously the associated fastcoins are destroyed on the fastcoin sidechain.
To summarize sending bitcoin to fastcoin locks coins on the bitcoin blockchain and creates new fastcoins on the sidechain while sending fastcoin to bitcoin destroys fastcoins and unlocks previously locked bitcoins.
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MAD Doge - April 9th 2014 - Functions, Random stuffs, etc.

Well that was a long delay.
I'm not even going to try and make an excuse, so I'll be posting a ton of videos instead. I've made them over the past few weeks and I just didn't upload them.

What's new:

Security of the DogeCoin Blockchain - Scrypt P.o.W. Algorithm , etc.

  1. The Mining / Proof of Work Algorithm
    • Currently DogeCoin is running on the Scrypt Proof of Work algorithm which was used by LiteCoin when the development of SHA-256 ASICs started with currently available FPGAs. You can easily google that data and check it out, but to sum it up, people were mining hardcore on graphics cards when somebody tried setting up an FPGA and blew away graphics cards in terms of efficiency, this ran FPGA prices through the roof, the rest is history.
    • The reason DogeCoin ran off of the Scrypt Algorithm was because SHA-256 coins are not very popular since very few want to mine them and Scrypt mining can be done by nearly anyone. In fact, many subscribers to /dogecoin still mine on CPU's.
    • The main purpose of the Scrypt Algorithm was to bring back mining to the average individual, initially scrypt mining could only be done on CPU's. Now that it is done on gaming graphics cards, it provides an excellent use of expensive gaming hardware when not playing games.
  2. DogeCoin Blockchain Security
    • Many are bringing up the topic of Blockchain security, 51% attacks, hashrate longevity, consistent block time, etc. The scare at the moment seems to be about hashrate longevity, users are suggesting that block rewards be increased to encourage more mining to keep securing the blockchain. Believe it or not, many alt-coins run on less than 1.5 gh/s, in fact FastCoin (FST), one of the most popular long-term alt-coins runs off of 133MH/s @ 12sec/block (665Mh/s when compared to DogeCoin's Block timing - 60 sec/block). Dogecoin can survive on a much smaller hashrate than what it currently has. However this brings a new problem, 51% exploits
    • 51% exploits have yet to occur except in difficulty nuking. One thing that many do not realize is that ASIC mining devices (sorry for bringing this up) allow for easier concentration of mining power, for example: BitCoinTalk user SFire has 25gh/s in Scrypt mining ASICs which caused the latest 51% scare at wafflepool. A solution to this would be to change the algorythm such that owning a large portion of the hashrate would be economically inconvenient.
  3. The scariest part is that nobody wants to do anything.
    • What really scares me and it should scare you too is that as time goes on, future updates are moving in the direction of LiteCoin as well as BitCoin. Since DogeCoin is getting very large, people are getting weary of changing the code or forcing a hard fork. Many want DogeCoin not to do anything about any current problems, it seems that the Multipool and selective mining issues of just a few weeks ago did not encourage people about future improvements. We are not holding our value because we choose not to change, but because we choose to do the hard things, looking at the coding and not holding anything back. We threw out random block rewards and the difficulty algorithm for goodness sake, how much more extreme could we have gotten?
    • People wan't us to become another BitCoin, but does BitCoin really offer us anything good? Is it Price, is it longevity, is it the fear of change? Look at where BitCoin is, $450 last time I checked and still dropping, people have lost confidence in it because it was pitched to them as an investment, not as a currency, not as something that was to be transferred. Lastly, it was treated as such by the IRS and now we're all paying the price. If we have at least one condolence it is that DogeCoin still shines a light in the dark world of CryptoCurrency, that is outshining all the problems and complexity that has been thrown around, thankfully DogeCoin whether or not it changes, will always be known as the first cryptocurrency of real trade.
That's all I'll say for tonight, thanks for reading and if you didn't. TLDR: DogeCoin always needs to improve
Thanks to all you reader(s) even if it's only me and Douglasman100
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FastCoin and transaction volumes

thanks for an informative youtube channel about altcoins. The biggest issue that I have with BTC is their transaction volume of the network. Hence I ended up with some FastCoins.
I suppose that transaction volume of the Fastcoin network, just as with Bitcoin, depends on the maximum allowed block size, new block generation speed and average size of the transactions. The average data size of each transaction in Bitcoin is 420 byte and the maximum size of the entire block is 1MB (Hard Limit of the protocol), with a new block generated every 8-10 minutes. If you do the math here, you will find that the Bitcoin network will only be able to handle roughly 400 transactions per minute, which is way to low for a world currency. And the Bitcoin community are talking about using the blockchain for other things than coin transactions, which will be even worst for the maximum transaction volume of the network. I guess that the maximum transaction volume of the Fastcoins network can be calculated in a similar way.
Fastcoin has a new block every 12sec, and hence can manage alot of transaction, which will be needed in a few years time. The drawback is that faster blockgeneration speed creates security issues.
What is your take on this?
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FastCoin Security and backing up your wallet Crypto Wars FastCoin Road Map Dobre seus Bitcoins em 60 dias com a FastCoin - YouTube Fastcoin Foundation - YouTube os seus BITCOIN 60 DIAS saque automático na sua carteira

Im Falle der Bitcoin Blockchain muss für die Erzeugung des neuen Blocks eine kryptografische Aufgabe gelöst werden. Dazu wenden die Miner unter anderem die Hash-Funktion SHA-256 an. Für die Aufgabe dienen die folgenden drei Größen als Input: der Previous Hash (256 Bit): aktuellster Block der Blockchain als Anknüpfungspunkt. die Merkle Root: ein Wert, der durch paarweises "Hashen" der ... Here is located actual, always up-to-date, Bitcoin blockchain that can be fast downloaded via torrent. In which cases you need to download Bitcoin blockchain? when you need to get full Bitcoin node; when you installing wallet like Bitcoin Core to new device; if you do not want to wait a few days (or weeks?) until blockchain synchronizes ; if your blockchain was crashed and you need get it back ... is the most popular place to securely buy, store, and trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other top cryptocurrencies. FAB is an enterprise-grade, next generation blockchain application platform for global enterprises that aim to fast track the adoption of blockchain technology. Using a unique architecture, it is scalable to over one million transactions per second, hundreds of millions of users, petabytes of storage, and hundreds of thousands of decentralized applications. Buy Bitcoin instantly with. BUY BITCOINS SUPER FAST IN 3 EASY STEPS WITH THE MOST CONVENIENT PAYMENT METHODS EVER AND WITH NO VERIFICATION!!!!! Powered by "We believe the emerging markets use case for blockchain technology is compelling for both payments and also as a store of value. We’re thrilled to work with Fastcoins with the mission of bringing crypto to the hands of the ...

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FastCoin Security and backing up your wallet

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